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Critical Mass in Bellevue??
It's true!

3rd Friday of every month, 5:30 PM! Meet @ Downtown Park (across from Bellevue Square, w/the fountains)

Next Ride: Friday, September 21st, 5:30 p.m
There are plenty of ways to describe Bellevue to your friends:
  • bushwa
  • posh
  • 13 starbucks within a mile radius

Now there's one more:
  • It's got a bitchin' Critical Mass!!!!

Critical Mass?
WHAT is it? WHO is it? WHY is it? Is this LEGAL? All this and much more is explained at the Seattle Critical Mass wbesite!
Links!...City Of Bellevue home page...Worldwide Critical Mass Hub (find the Mass nearest you!)...Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Web-Based Encyclopedia (if only everyone rode bicycles)...


and we leave you now with this
Ancient Proverb:

You don't need a car
You don't need gas
Just to ride around town
in the Critical Mass